Hang Tuah. Do We Need Him?

I was going through some of Big Sis school work, and she has a Social Studies textbook where it highlights some of Indonesian history. In fact, she even taught me some of the legendary Indonesian stories like Tangkuban Perahu, Ken Arok and Ken Dedes. She tells me the story with such vigor, excitement, the virtue of good versus evil,…. I just loved the enthusiatic spirit in her at that time.

Then, she asked me…”How about legendary stories from Malaysia daddy?”

Without hesitation, I said “Hang Tuah!”

“Who is Hang Tuah?” she asked again.

“Hang Tuah is a legendary brave malay warrior who fought for loyalty, rights, honor for the Sultan of Melaka, with the mighty Taming Sari kris.”

I continued to explain how he fought his brother in arms, Hang Jebat, who he himself fought for what he believed in… which is to only serve a righteous king. (It brought flashbacks on our trip to Melaka back in 2005.)…… cue in P Ramlee.

(sorry folks…PG13. No violence vids until timing is right)

Anyway, the reason why I brought this up is because to my dismay, this topic has been taken out from the school history curriculum. I know there are various reason, political and otherwise,… but come on…. this has to included in Malaysian school history textbooks.

Apart from the Hang Tuah story arc, I do not find any other rich malaysian history that resembles close to what Hang Tuah has to offer…… the virtues, the dilemmas, the sacrifice, the friendship, the regrets, the self realization….

I mean, if we do not appreciate who we are, and where we come from…… where do we go from there?

Another reason for this post is that, yes granted, there’s a lot of question about the origins of Hang Tuah. But these 2 articles have explained in easy layman terms.

Hang Tuah History and Hang Tuah Origins.

(the other is for me to leave breadcrumbs when I need to refer to Hang Tuah again)

This still gets me excited, just like when I went further research for Logans Wolverine origins and the Inhumans origins.

I know they are not the same, but I look forward to seeing in Big Sis the same gusto have when talking about legendary heroes,.. especially when it shapes who you are today,… or who you will be in the future.

So do we need Hang Tuah? Do I need Hang Tuah?

answer is …… Yes.


Camping at Kopeng Treetop, Salatiga

We went for a little bit of day trip camping R&R in Kopeng Treetop, Salatiga.

The outward bound flying fox facility here is unfortunately closed, for some land dispute reason.

Anyway, we kind of went in the premises ‘without permission’, but there was no one to stop our entry. Infact, there are some local villagers walking in and out of the area.

And the place is still as beautiful and peaceful as ever.

We set up our tent, had an afternoon rest, while the girls do a bit of homework.

And this is what the girls did during their ‘break’


Here We Go Again

Lil C and her modern dance group doing their latest dance number, Here We Go Again. Performed at GBT Kristus Alfa Omega Semarang church.

First part was captured by Big Sis. The next was taken from the upper level of the building. Video is overlapped with the original track for clarity.

In this dance they looked really enthusiastic. Kudos to their dance teacher for instilling the joy in dancing.


Memories to be cherished

It has been more than a year since I’ve updates this blog. I can think of many excuses, but I’m not going to make it. I just need to own up that I was lacking motivation to blog.

A lot happened in between the last post and this. Lots of ups, and lots of downs.

But I realized, as I was looking through saved pics and videos, that those are the moments that we need to cherish. What better way to cherish it is by documenting it.

I looked into an picture album in my facebook page, I literally see my daughters grow in front of my eyes. it’s amazing, with a little hint of worry that they would just grow up too fast, and I missed it.

Therefore it will be my personal mission from this day onward, as long as I have a sound mind and a healthy body, I will document as best as I can. I have started by uploading video’s on Youtube, its a good start.

With this blog given a new facelift, do look forward to frequent updates on this blog.

They say “It isn’t until you begin to fight in your own cause that you become really committed to winning”. Therefore my ‘fight’ will be recharged with these pictures.

IMG_6903 IMG_6926 IMG_6979

These pictures are taken in Kudat, at the Tip of Borneo, during our recent trip back to Sabah for holidays.

And here’s another special pic,… the girls with their great grand mother.




Christmas 2013

Another year has almost passed. Time really flies. Big Sis is going to be 8 next year, and Lil C will be 6.

Was browsing thru some old pics just now to look for christmas 2012 pictures… And one significant difference is how the girls have changed. They certainly have grown, and Intan has also grown in beauty with age.

Speaking of pics, here’s our latest:

Surviving Snowie

The girls got a new pet rabbit, courtesy of Daniel Creative School Bazaar. It’s white with black eyes and ears (kinda like Panda), but we don’t know if it’s a buck or a doe.

Although I protested on having more pets in the house, this little bunny just caught our family’s attention. Maybe it’s new, or maybe it has super hypnotic bunny power. Whatever it is, it has become the family’s new main attraction.

We haven’t got a cage for Snowie yet, so we put her in a temporary box, and went out for dinner.

When we came back, Snowie was missing. We looked for her frantically, and found her submerged in a bucket of liquid dishwasher, with only her nose and mouth sticking out, gasping frantically for air.

It was a case of emergency, so we quickly got Snowie out, wash away the dishwasher liquid, and dried it gently with a hairdryer. We the left alone her in her box, curled up in a ball, after realising we did all that we could at that moment.

I was afraid for the worst. Big Sis and Lil C said a little prayer for Snowie and went to bed.

The first thing next morning, the girls checked on Snowie, and they quickly woke me up, saying it’s ok. Snowie survived!!

Somehow this curious bunny jumped out of the box, explored the house and manage to jump into that bucket.

After last nights ordeal, I learnd a few interesting character from the girls and mommy…. Heeheehee, but that story is for another blog post.

Here is Big Sis with the Bunny Who Survived The Dishwasher Soap.


One of the things I still remember from my high school years is Oxymoron.  An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms.  The reason I still remember this is because I had a great english teacher in Puan Julia, and it kinda stick. I hope I can teach this to Big Sis and Lil C.

Anyway, here are some examples of Oxymorons.

Great Depression
free trade
peacekeeper missile
sweet tart
crash landing
now then
butt head
sweet sorrow
student teacher
silent scream
taped live
alone together
good grief
tight slacks
living dead
near miss
light tanks
old news
hot chilli
criminal justice
peace force
open secret
larger half
clearly confused
act naturally
alone together
Hell’s Angels
found missing
liquid gas
civil engineer
deafening silence
seriously funny
living dead
Microsoft Works
military intelligence
jumbo shrimp
Advanced BASIC
tragic comedy
unbiased opinion
virtual reality
definite maybe
original copies
pretty ugly
same difference
plastic glasses
almost exactly
constant variable
even odds
minor crisis
extinct life
genuine imitation
exact estimate
only choice
freezer burn
free love
working holiday
rolling stop

Props to you Puan Julia.