Intan and I brought Ashley to the doctor for her scheduled Chicken Pox jab. Tapi lepas tu,… eisehmen,…. she has a lil bit of fever,….okey not little,…but pretty high to make me anxious.

Luckily, her appetite for snacking is not lacking. Mau juga makan pretzels.

We tried the thingy that attached to the forehead to reduce the fever. But after a minute or two,.. she will pull it out and give it to me. So I tried it on,….kinda cool man,…. no really,… its cold, and gives a surprisingly comforting and soothing feeling.

Its about 4.30am now. Woke up bcoz Ashley mau nenen. So, couldnt sleep so I do a bit of update loh. Will bring her to see the doc again in the morning.


One thought on “Fever….

  1. Che-che Didi says:

    yeah… I find the Girls aren’t very good with those stick-on-d-forehead things too..

    Dan mcm react to the ‘coldness’ of it, si Tabby cant stand hvg smthing on her kepala! kakaka..!

    make sure u gv her child paracetamol rgularly and lap badan dia pakai air suam evry so often.

    hugs to her!

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