Of Lanterns and MacDonalds

Today, the drive through MacDonald in our housing area celebrated their first birthday and had a party at their compound. So we brought Ashley to meet Ronald MacDonald live in person. I thought Ronnie can only do mime, dance, and take out burgers from his pocket, but to my surprise, he spoke good english and terrible malay….hahaha. I was glad to see him too coz he was shorter than me…:)

Ashley checking out Ronnies eye brows! Did the clown just touched my wife’s shoulder?

Than later in the evening, our neighbour had a mini lantern party. Its fun to see the children playing with the colorful lanterns. Some say lanterns are for wishes to come true, some say to “scare away” bad things. But for us, its just a nice time to hang out with neighbours kids and simply…..play lantern. Anyway, its always a great time for Intan to polish her mandarin and for Ashley to hang out with her “che-che” and “ko-ko”. Check out the nice lanterns.

Lanterns galore behind Ashley and mum.


2 thoughts on “Of Lanterns and MacDonalds

  1. thewonghome says:

    wah, wah, wah…

    sini di IP pun dorang jalan2 angkat lantern yo! dorang Dan2 suuka tengok!

    hmm… good thing Ronnie doesn’t look as scary as that Shangrila Hotel one!!

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