Saturday at Danga Bay

Saturdays is always a family day for us. Last Saturday we went to Danga bay to give Ashley a treat of her favorite ride, the merry go round!! Since the last time we brought her there, she always get so excited to see the rides everywhere. She will jump, stomp her feet, point at the rides, say… “Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!” and rush to the horsie! so terpaksa have to prepare coins everytime we go to the mall lor…ish ish ish…


4 thoughts on “Saturday at Danga Bay

  1. mrbadak says:

    jgn perasan.. the previous comment is a spam kekeke..

    anyway.. apa bah ni danga bay? theme park ka? nasib bukan dungu boy…

  2. Dean's Family says:

    Hehehe,…Danga Bay is equivalent to Anjung Senja in KK, but bigger. Ada mix of local and international foods,… an open space and stage for peformances, play ground complete with Feris Wheel and Merry go Round to roller coaster ride. Btw, your *favorite* Malaysian “idol” Mawi performes here on a regular basis,…biasa lah,.. hometown dia.

  3. thewonghome says:

    ekkk… suka pula si Ashley pi tempat hangout si Mawi nie…

    eiyerrr… Ashley so big redi… miss her lah!

  4. Bobby and Susan Majimbun says:

    wah…changgih juga danga bay, good if anjung senja macam tu….anyway, got kambing sana?? macam kalau sia visit u?? merry go round + kambing??

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