Sea of "Balls"

We found a nice cake house near our place after dinner just now. It has a delicious Durian Mousse cake. Gilae… punya sedap. Sampai berebut bah with Intan and Ashley. The cake house ada playground for kids. So I guess,… the kids play while the parents eat…:) Anyway, we took Ashley into the “Ball” corner,… she “drown” herself in it, and enjoyed it everybit.

Looking for “Needle in Haystack”?


2 thoughts on “Sea of "Balls"

  1. TheHinge says:

    Nice blog Dean! You take great photos too. LOOOOVE the pic of Ashley and the spoon feeding!!!

    Check out the Options on your Settings, Comments tab. If you activate the Word Verification, you can cut down the spam and junk. I did, and it works


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