MALACCA….Malaysia Historical City part 1

Our holiday starts with the journey up to Malacca, so of course we prepared the essentials… baju, diapers, snacks… As for Ashley,..its her sunglasses…..(kinda hot konon) .. Then we checked in our hotel.

Our agenda was to cover as many tourist spots as possible.

Reading about it a lot of times, finally we get to stand at this monumental fort, the A`Famosa

Now, pop quiz! When did the Portuguese invade Malacca? If you answer 1511, you are correct. I needed the tourist brochure to help remember this little fact…hehehehehe

Malacca Sultanate Palace
The only Malay palace from Malacca’s glorious past built with refined details. We have to take our shoes off though.

The A’Famosa is probably the landmark of Malacca. It is situated at the foot of St Paul Hill, and right next to the Malacca Sultanate Palace. All these historical place is right in the centre of Malacce town, and just 5 minutes away from Malacca biggest shopping centre, Mahkota Parade.

St Paul Church

Sexy archeologist checking out the Dutch tombstones

Originally built as a church by the Portuguese. Converted to burial ground by the Dutch. Used as a gunpowder storage place by the English. But in Ashley’s eyes…a HUGE PLAYGROUND…:)

To be continued….


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