MALACCA….Malaysia Historical City part 3

Okay, check this out. This is the Maritime Muzeum.

The ship has a lot of pictures and stories of war between the Bajau and the Portuguese, Portuguese and Dutch,..etc.
Inside is air conditioned. And before entering, we have to take our shoes off… so bolehlah tercium bau kaki orang. heheheh!

Here we are standing at the bow of the ship! Tingginya!

It was getting a bit crowded inside, so Ashley and I went out to check out the cannons.

Ashley trying to figure out how to open the treasure chest.

Next We visited Bukit Cina. This is the settlement of the entourage accompanying Princess Hang Li Poh, who was sent to be marry to the Sultan. Nothing much here, only the cemetary. But yang interesting is the Hang Li Poh Well. Imagine, last time, this place was full with China girls mandi-mandi! hee hee hee (grinning).

Hang Li Poh Well. It is said, if you drink from this well, you will surely come back to Melaka again. I tried to drink from it, but it was caged,… so minum mineral water lah…

A few days later, we met up with my old friend, Pritchard and his fiancee. Wanted to try the famous Melaka Chicken Ball Rice. Tapi, punyalah banyak orang…. tengok nie! Sampai di luar bah berbaris mau makan nasi ayam!

After around 45 minutes of waiting, we finally got a seat.

Pritchard and Viven.

Dean: “Bila lah kahwin chard?”

Pritchard: “Entah, next year barangkali”

Dean & Intan:”Bah :)!”

So there you go folks,… our DeepaRaya holiday in Malacca. Can say that this was a of the fun holiday for us.


2 thoughts on “MALACCA….Malaysia Historical City part 3

  1. thewonghome says:

    alaaaa…. tingu lah rambut si ashley tuhh… camana bah kau potong rambut dia nie….

    ish, ish, ish…

  2. Lynn says:

    hi dean its me Lynn. Collyn’s sister bah. How are you? Congratulations to you..cantik oh your anak..anyways i linked your site from mine..take care…

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