Aquaria KLCC

Went to KL last weekend coz I need to attend a meeting in my HQ.Intan and Ashley also came along to accompany me, and at the same time, jalan-jalan in KL. We checked out the newly opened KL Convention Centre, with its main attraction, The Aquaria.

I was really excited,….. coz I LOVE FISH!… and they taste good when cooked. Anyway,.. the entrance fee was a bit on the high side,…RM28 for adults and RM15 for children. Luckily, children below three have free admission.

We got to see a lot of species,….. ranging from fresh water fish, to salt water fish, crustaceans, and even reptiles.

Check out this vertical tank. It has a tree as its centre piece. Very creative…..

The highlight of Aquaria is definitely “The Tunnel”. You can see all the fishes swimming over you. The Ray fish is beatiful, gliding slowly and majestically. Si Ashley pula try to reach and catch the fish…:)

Aquaria do not allow flash photography inside, but if videocam,… no problem. Next time I come here, I will make a point to pakai digicam. Here is a pic of everyone favorite fish,… The Shark!


6 thoughts on “Aquaria KLCC

  1. mrbadak says:

    for RM28 they should allow you to take a fish to cook at home! but nice tho.. my nephews suda pegi.. sya masi ketinggalan..

  2. wek says:

    Hi Dean & Intan! Lama suda gia sia browsed yr blog website nii, so finally today sia mau say hello to both of you. The last time we met was ar KFC Ranau if i’am not mistaken. Time tu belum lagi ada si Ashley! Bah, do keep in touch!

  3. Dean's Family says:

    Hi Wek,… yeah,..time pass so fast kan. Pakabar ko? Ada ko punya blog? or friendster? Glad to hear from you. Keep in touch.

  4. wek says:

    Teda blog or friendster sia stakat nih…nantilaa kalau sia ada masa, sia register la k. Will let u know later. Take care!

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