Goodbye 2005,….Hello 2006

Has been a while since I updated this blog. I’m sure everyone else is also busy towards year end. Anyways, I finally got a chance to sit down and blog.

Everytime, when I reach this point, I find myself asking whether what that I did this past year was right, what I decided was correct… or perhaps could I do it a little different and better. To be honest, I felt I did not give my best effort this year.

To sum up my 2005 in one word,…..COMPLACENT.

Its not something that I want to boast about. It happened and I cant do anything about it now. I did not get that sense of achivement yet. This is what I need to improve on this year.

On the other hand,…being a father along the way really helped. Yes, there may be times when Ashley is driving me mad, but that is insignificant compared to her being with me. Sometimes I still cant believe that I am a father. I think I still didn’t potray the real father figure to her yet. Another area I need to improve.

There are time where I was being selfish. I am thankful that my long suffering Intan is still patient enough to put up with my antics. I definitely need to improve on being a better man to her.

Apart from that, I grateful for the good health God mercifully gave me.

So, the question is, ….What to look forward to for 2006?

I most certainly have to improve all the above. The bar was set pretty low last year,… I need to raise it this year. I just pray that God continue to protect and provide for my family, with another blessed addition in my household by mid 2006. THAT I definitely look forward to in 2006.

Oh ya,…there’s another thing that I am looking forward to in 2006…….


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