Jakarta Trip

Okay,.. last month,…during Harvest Festival Holidays,… Tom & Didi decided to visit us in Jakarta for a week,… (Aawww,….how sweet!….actually they got free tickets from Air Asia bah!)

So being the kind host that Intan and I were,… we brought them jalan in Jakarta lah,… Places of interest that we went was Ancol,… (something like Sunway Theme Park).

In Ancol itself has a lot of diffrent places to go,… didnt get to go all of them,… but we did manage to go to the Aquarium (just like Aquaria KLCC), see the dolphins,… and also the 4D theater!

We also went to Bandung where we visited the famous “Factory Outlet”. Here we let the kids play at the amusement park while the mommies and daddies go jalan-jalan,…hahahah! Ashley and her cousins Danica & Tabitha,… boleh tahan,… berani juga naik the Ferris Wheel!

And by the way,… Thanks Aunty Jenny for letting us stay at you place!

We took the train back to Jakarta by train,… Actually,… this was my first train ride too,… hahahaha. Well at least can get to experience it first hand with my family.

Its the girls who enjoyed the trip the most. Although its havoc having all five cousins together, but it was fun! They left a week later,… Ashley was sad at first,… but we managed to bribe her with some Barbie scoolbags,…hehehehe. Well,… cannot wait for the next holidays.


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