Shenzhen Trip

Last Raya, we had a family reunion at Shenzhen. Dea, Qing, Justin, and Sydney flew in from Chicago to meet up with their Wai Kong and Wai Po! Qings parents lives in Shenzhen, so they were kind enough to take care of us while we are there,… you know lah, having a local is always helpful when you are in a foreign place.

(L) First meeting!

We stayed in Taizi Hotel, Shekou, west of Shenzhen. We can see Hong Kong from where we were, and it appears that we can take a car ride and drive to Hong Kong,… but unfrtunately,….not enough time. Papi & mami were content enough just to stay in Shenzhen and hang out with thier grandchildrens.

(L) Colleen, Justin, Ashley, & Sydney

(R) Papi & Mami with Wai Kong & Wai Po

Among the interesting places we visited was the Zoo. Ashley enjoyed feeding with the animals, Colleen somehow enjoyed the safari ride better. I used some of the Madagascar characters so that Ashley could relate the cartoon to the actual animals.

(L) Safari Ride

(R) Horse feeding. We wanted Colleen to feed the horses too, but she ate the carrot instead… hahaha!

To be continued….


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