Shenzhen trip….continued

Among the animals Ashley and Colleen saw at the zoo

(L) Feeding the Tigers

(R) Stinky Camels. Ashley’s first reaction.

(L)Mellman the Giraffe

(R) The Panda. Too bad, a bit camera shy!


We also visited the Sea World in Shenzhen. Almost like Ancol, Jakarta (went there with Danica, Tabi, and Chloe during Harvest Festivals holidays). Here however, here we were allowed to pet the dolphins.

Posing with Dolphins. Colleen looking on with curiosity!

(L) Mommy with Colleen at the entrance

(R) Bubble girl with bubble dad!

The highlight of Shenzhen is the Window Of The World Theme Park. Here, it displays all the miniature form of popular landmarks around the world like The Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, Niagara Falls, Notre Dame,…. But somehow Petronas Twin Tower don’t have,…. Hehehehe! It also has a sky train going around the park so that you can have an arial view of he whole park.

(L) Mini Egypt

(R) “Niagara Falls”

(L) The Eiffel Tower

(R) View from top! Can see Hong Kong from here!

Of course when its time for Justin and Sydney to go back, papi and mami was a bit sad. But its okay,… they still have these two to entertain them,…..!


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