World Economy and Malaysia

Just today, I was dealing on the phone with my suppliers, and the first reaction they make is exchange rate is at RP10500/USD. It has been troubling as my toko uses USD as exchange rates for supplies. This has caused us to do some cautious spending.

Amid the tense and anxiety, the positives in Indonesia is that the Indonesian government has taken steps to counter and face the inevitable problem. Among them is closing the stock exchange for a day to prevent massive sell-off, lay out a 5-step plan to reconciliate current bursa saham, etc. This after following the footsteps of US$700B US economy bailout.

This sent shivers up my spine, and I thought; “Malaysian economy how ah?”

It’s a bit annoying to see, much of the focus has been on the PM stepdown annoucement, who Sabah next DCM should be, and Anwar’s Sodomy charges.

These are valid issues but I feel that we Government of Malaysia should prepare more for the inevitable economic tsunami. There’s no point to reach a stage where GOM has to do a bailout like the US, got a lot of money meh?

Anyway, this my 2 cents worth,…. in todays rate, should be RM2 worth…:)



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