Why Indonesians are so freaking good at badminton!

Many of you may not be aware that Kudus is home Jarum, the biggest tobacco company in Indonesia. And from here, Jarum badminton academy was built where champions in the likes of Lim Swee King, Hariyanto Arbi, and Ardi Wiranata emerged.

Yesterday, my church friend, Ronald, invited me to play with some guys who are working with Jarum HQ. I told him badminton is not really my forte. “Santai aja lah Dean,…cuman sekadar keluarin keringat” was his reply. So, being the sporting chap that I am, I agreed.

When I reached the badminton court, memories of playing badminton in high school flashed by, and slowly my confidence started to build up. A few minutes later, people started to come. A few introductions here and there and off we go!

At first when we started, I felt “I AM THE GREATEST BADMINTON PLAYER EVER”. But that feeling slowly died down after 10 minutes….. all I remember when I was comprehensively beaten was the shortness of breath, seeing stars, and me reminding myself “dont faint Dean!!”. Oh, ya, being out of shape and having two left hands didnt help too. 

After finishing one set, I made a lame excuse saying that I needed to sms Intan on something important so I can sit down. And these chaps continued playing. Now these people are ordinary guys, some came with just slippers, and some are not even “attired suitably” to play badminton. But here they are, jumping, smashing, and laughing, while playing with ease. I am trully in awe!!

I know of some guys who smoke after playing sports. But this guy (his name is Peng Hin), is just increadible. He smokes WHILE playing badminton, and he’s unbeatable. Apparently, he is THE MAN in the group.

Anyway, I’m gonna give it another go next week. Tidak mau kalah malu…kekekek.

So, the moral of the story?

Smoking while playing badminton, makes a world champion!…..(just kidding)…:)


2 thoughts on “Why Indonesians are so freaking good at badminton!

  1. Hahahah, good trick with the Intan SMS, steady kau Dean 🙂 At least you tried. I’m sure once you do a few more badminton sessions, your groove will come back on.

  2. deansfam says:

    Hahaha,.. yeah. My body was aching for a week. Just reconfirm that I am out of shape. Anyway, I got a new racquet already,.. will try to play on a consistent every week.

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