Part Of Your World – Little Mermaid 2

I have been searching for this MP3 for a very long time. First time I heard it is during the end credits of Little Mermaid 2. I thought it was cool. But then I fell in love with this version when I heard it again during Ashley’s “Little Mermaid” graduation drama in school (Ashley played the sailor in the drama). It was blasted on speakers, so your can really hear the song clearly.

Ashley SailorAnyway, like I said, I have been searching for this song on the net for quite some time, finally found out that the singer for this version is Chely Wright, a country singer (i think). And it appears that there are US versions and European versions to this song.

I bought the original “Little Mermaid 2” dvd and tried to rip it off, but cant coz original dvds are protected. I bought the VCD, and to my suprise, the end credits played a totally different song. The pirate dvd’s always hang towards the end of any dvd movie. I was desperate…….but, thank goodness there’s Youtube.

A fan compiled this video and shared it on youtube. So I downloaded it, did some laptop kung fu and converted it to mp3. I can now listen to this beautiful song over and over again. Anyway, check out this video.


6 thoughts on “Part Of Your World – Little Mermaid 2

  1. hahaha! Uncle, funny kan that we tend to LOVE the things our kids Love too! hahahaha!!! Like I am so into the name/functionality of road builders’ trucks & machines.. hahaha!! Never before this!

    Bah, xmas mo sampai sudah… Wishing you & family a blessed season

  2. deansfam says:

    Hahaha,…. Yes, you are right. I can even name remember the Barbies characters names so I can relate to my girls! …:)

  3. Shanna says:

    Hi there. I too have been googling around the internet tonight looking for an mp3 of this song. I don’t think one exists! Like you, all I could find was the youtube video. I don’t know how to download and get the mp3 from the video though, so I was wondering if you’d be willing to upload your mp3 to a file sharing site & then link to the download in the comments or something? Just throwing it out there. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Shanna says:

    Never mind! I looked to the right and saw that you had already shared the file. Awesome, thank you! 😀

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