Homeschool or Not?

We just had a discussion with a teacher in Kudus to discuss Ashley’s saturday co-curricular activities a.k.a tuition.

Interestingly enough the conversation led to the education standard of our planned primary school for Ashley, SD Masehi.

And from what we discussed, it appears that SD Masehi may not be suitable for Ashley (in terms of their teaching methods).

So the alternative is to choose another school, SD Cahaya Nur, a catholic school, or homeschool. Btw, Intan was an alumni from SD Cahaya Nur.

For me, homeschool is a whole new ball game. If we opted for homeschool, then Ashley, Intan and I are will be at the same level,  Ashley the newbie homeschool student, Intan and I the newbie homeschool educators. 

That being said,  I will give all to ensure Ashley gets the best education that she deserved.

So if anyone have any suggestions on homeschooling, I’m all ears.



25 thoughts on “Homeschool or Not?

  1. Dea says:

    SD Cahaya Nur cuz I’m an alumni too … 🙂
    What makes Masehi not suitable ? I’m not sure about homeschool. It’s a full time job. You might not have time for yourself. Good luck deciding.

  2. deansfam says:

    Yes Dea, that’s full time job indeed. And sometimes, I feel i’m not a good teacher…. but we’ll decide later, Asley still has a year in kindie.

  3. hnracademy says:

    I will give all to ensure Ashley gets the best education that she deserved.

    With this being said, the best education Ashley could get would be homeschool. Sure, you would have to research it, and it takes time, but you can’t beat the education given a child by an interested parent.

    With homeschooling, Ashley will get the best teaching methods for her, in every subject. You will be able to go at her pace, in every subject. No school will be able to do that.

  4. wow..big decision..many things to consider..i like the idea of homeschooling but you need also keep in mind her social development or rather what the school can teach beyond books or the classroom…lucky you have one year of thinking to do! all the best!

  5. deansfam says:

    Hey hey, Aunty Vimi. Nice looking blog you have there. I knew you would have something to say about her social development. I guess thats where the tricky part is. I guess it will have some bearing with her networking skills in the future.

  6. i know Ashley will thrive in any environment you throw her in..her personality that’s always like to ask questions and she’s very friendly and such a happy person too..if u & intan decide on home schooling there’s many other ways to encourage her networking and social skills too..i know you will find a way hehehe!

  7. Yuh Bin says:

    She gets personalised education and that alone wins a lot of arguments. Social interaction with her peers aside, sometimes, learning also comes from a classroom environment where you learn from others’ feedback. Also science, how to go about obtaining lab lessons. Or group projects for teamwork. I don’t know about Indonesia’s syllabus but when she finishes what certification does she get? Not trying to discourage you but these are the concerns. Any other friends interested in homeschool so you can do it together? I don’t have any words of wisdom except more questions for you to evaluate. Plus, must have the discipline to follow obediently the timetable laid out and that will be a challenge. My relative in US had to homeschool daughter for 2 yrs. She had the school teacher help prepare time table and lessons plan. Enough daunting info for you. 🙂

  8. deansfam says:

    Thats right Yuh Bin, it is totally an unchartered territory for me. I can prepare setup her lab equipments. Not too sure aboutthe group projects at this point. Fortunately, we do have a few people/resource that can help with the time table and lesson plan.

    About certification, I need to find out more.

    I’m sure to tak up your offer for the English lessons. I dont think I want Ashley to speak English like I do,………. broken. 🙂

  9. SanMelMama says:

    I think social aptitude begins at Home.

    Ashley’s a lovely girl. She’ll have no problems interacting with peers. The skills needed for a child to interact with a peer who is of a different personality and value system is taught by us, the significant adults surrounding her.

    With the kind of negative influences that schools these days seem to pick up, no point getting an education in social skills through the classroom.

    Academically, these days there are plenty of resources available. I’ve read a comment that even your kitchen can produce a learn-able lab experiment. 😉

    There are people that we know who are home-schooled and turn out just fine. 🙂

  10. SanMelMama says:

    Btw, the Parent-as-the-Teacher Network nowadays do far better than the Parent-Teachers-Association. Join one.

    When you finally decide that is..


  11. I would think you’d be able to get that information from the same source that you get your homeschool syllabus from.

    A recent couple who purchased the syllabus, the website that the syllabus publishes. etc..


  12. Very subjective! 1st, the parents need to change their mindset or it would never work – homeschool would not be like a school environment and dont try to make one! The world is your classroom.. you are not the teacher in this case.. in fact both of you will learn together! A child has the potential to learn by herself.. how do you think she started walking/talking? =) Trust the child, you as the guidance to guide her, show her to love learning/knowledge.. and not ‘force’ her to learn the school syllabus to get rank #1..

    Well, believe it or not, its all about trial & error.. When this dont work, try other way. We are scared (to try new things like homeschool) coz we were never before. Talk to those who are homeschooling their kids, perharps around your area / online. I am sure they will definitely love to help.

    SOme links of Malaysia homeschool group (local context):

    Enjoy spending time together!

  13. this is from a mom who personally,homeschools her kids.
    Do research,research,research and more research. check out the appropriate syllabus and finally, be convicted in your hearts to do so. many many many people have their “idea” of what homeschooling is. you’ll find those more “unfavourable” are those who AREN’T homeschooling. so be very mindful of what you are hearing – in the end of the day, you make your own mind.

  14. I hear you Plain Jane. I would expect the “unfavorable” from those not in the homeshcooling background. After reading your blog, I kinda imagine how it be like for us and Ashley.

    Kinda cringe *gulp* knowing that I need to be dedicated to schedule. As far as I know, I cannot blow my horn yet.

    But, I’ll surely follow you with what youhave going on. Just to “learn” from you (so to speak). Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Faith says:

    Hello, I am a happily homeschooling mother of 5 children (grade 2, grade 1, kindergarten, preschool and a baby). Yes, life is busy, but very full and rewarding. Children are not meant to be raised in classroom, but in a happy, active family. Our children receive personalized attention, positive socialization, important life-skills, and enjoy the close fellowship of their parents and siblings. With so many outside influences competing for the minds and hearts of young people these days, we strive to be the most influential role models in their young lives – helping to mold their morals, values, mindsets, attitudes and worldview. Their is a great variety of support for homeschooling families these days, and many resources to choose from. If you have access to the internet and a library, you should have no problem homeschooling your children. God bless!

  16. Hi Faith. Thanks for dropping by. I agree that children should not be raised in a classroom only. Everyday is an education opportunity, either in or out of classroom. At this point of time, we are still uncertain about homeschooling our children.

    We have internet access to find materials to complement the schools study, but we are very selective.

    Btw, my first daughter learned her phonics at, and she loved it!


  17. We just made the transition from private school to homeschool. I agree with all them comments made by the previous poster “faith”. We want to be a big influence in our kids lives. There are so many opportunities for socializing with kids outside of a school “classroom”. We are part of a wonderful co-op of other home school families. I think homeschool kids have the advantage because they learn to interact and socialize with kids of all ages, not just the same age. Just my opinion.
    Someone mentioned in a previous comment that you wont be able to do science lab work. You can order science kits to do at home. We order from Sonlight and also apologia.

    Hope this helps and I wish you well as you make the decision that is best for your daughter.

    Blessings 🙂

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