Flash Card

Was horsing around on Monday with Colleen, when Intan suddenly said that her vocab was improving. So we took out our animal flash card and give it a go.

Colleen was doing good for a 3 year old. She can identify quite a number of animals like  “giraffe”, “elephant”, “horsie”…

Then, I moved the flash card quickly just to see her reaction. It went something like this:


daddy: What’s this Colleen?
Colleen: Horsie!  
daddy: Good.


daddy: What about this?
Colleen: Meow!
daddy: yes, thats correct, but its also Cat oke? 
Colleen: Oke daddy!


daddy: And this one?
Colleen: oink! oink!
daddy: heheheheh!


daddy: what about this one?
Colleen: kung fu panda!
Colleen: *smile*

She really made my day. Ashley & Colleen amazes me with their simple answers at times. And today, this is one of them. (okay, I confess. I let them watch Kung Fu Panda with me….but Panda Po is soooo hilarious!)



Po: I just had breakfast, and its still digesting..so my, errm.. kung fu may not be that good.


5 thoughts on “Flash Card

  1. hehehe… ya. beautiful isn’t it when Children tell you things in all its simplicity?

    we watch kungfu panda too. keluar tu kungfu si Kecik halfway through the show. hahaha!

  2. davelynne says:

    hi dear…

    thanks for visiting my blog.. 🙂 you have cute kids and i’m hoping to raise my own kids one day… hehehe!

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