Gay or Comic for American Idol?

I just saw group 2 of final 36 in American Idol, and I must say it was kinda boring and a bit dissapointing. At least the first group there was some real competition for the top 3 spots.

I mean, we saw the talents during Hollywood rounds, but it just didnt “appear” during this show. Among my dissapointments were Matt Giraud and Kai Kalama. They were good at the auditions. I was hoping that they will give that DEFINING performace….but no, it didnt happen.

Not yet you say? But if not now, then when? They cant gamble and say they’ll ‘get it right’ during wild card rounds. (btw, I’m a bit biased on Matt coz he’s from Kalamazoo….yee haa KZOO ROCKS!)

Anyway, the highlights would be Nick Mitchel aka Norman Gentle, and Adam Lambert for the guys, Megan Joy Corkrey and Allison Iraheta for the girls. Although Mishavonna Henson should get a nod too.

But hey, THIS ….is American Idol! (Seacrest style). Anything can happen. There is always a first for everything. Some bloggers already tipping Adam Lambert for the first “gay” American Idol. (is he really though?) Some wants Nick Mitchel to go out.

Deano’s Predictions: Based on last night performance, my top 3 picks will be:

Adam Lambert, Allisoan Iraheta, and Megan Joy Cokrey.


I do hope that Nick Mitchel and and Matt Giraud goes through to the top 12. They just add color to the show. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Gay or Comic for American Idol?

  1. well you know, its been said that a lot of theatre performers are gay…

    tapi I just can’t picture Si Gentle make it to top 12 lah. hehehe…

    anyhoo. as stated in MY blog, I’m with you on Adam & Allison.

    I do HOPE Megan gets in as well..


  2. Yuh Bin says:

    Yo! I was bias like you for Matt for Kzoo. Sad he didn’t get. I hope Megan gets in on the wild card.

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