Okay, I wanted to blog about this before the American Idols top 13 competition begins.

I just loved how the twist at the end of the Wild Card rounds, where Anoop Desai get to join as the 13th contestant. Some say its fixed and rigged, and Simon Cowell is riding on the Slumdog Millionaire euphoria.

So what!! Its entertainment business baby!

But I personally liked Anoop. Check out his expression below,… its priceless.

I like the top 13 make up, coz Matt Giraud (Go KZOO!) got in. Btw, he looked a bit like Toby Mac of DC Talk.

Having said that, my horses for the top 3 will be Alexis Grace, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey….(somehow I get the feeling that Danny will be booted out prematurely….just like Constantine Maroulis, and Chris Daughtry) 

So lets see who has the staying power.


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