Ashley choir performance

Last friday, after Ashley’s ballet class, we wanted to drop by and visit aunty Silvi with the kids (Michelle, Mario, and Imel). But when we called them, they were at the church having a singing practice. So we decided to just go to the church and say hello,…(its weekend anyway)

When we reach there, the children from sunday school were already practicing an english song , while Michelle’s mom was watching. So when Intan and Silvi was talking (or gossiping), Ashley and Colleen was imitating the songs and actions of the singing children.

Its then that Ibu Setyowati invited Ashley to join since she picked up the song very well….so from wanting to meet Michelle, Ashley ended up singing for the main service on sunday,…:)

You can check out the children practicing other song in our Deansfam Youtube Channel


3 thoughts on “Ashley choir performance

  1. so cute juga ni lagu! ashley look like a pro yo! ada bakat buat performance la! with intan’s grace and the daddy’s comedic genes i think she could be a great entertainer or performer someday!

  2. hai intan, blogwalking yaah, he he, internet ni emang canggih banget yaah, sekian lama gak ketemu temen smp-sma jd pd ketemu nih 🙂

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