Michael Jackson on American Idol

Okay,… firstly general thoughts:

1) Its a long 2 hour show
2) I think 4 judges takes too much unnecessary time, ie Kara & Paula. They both generally said the same thing. Somtimes trying to “out say” the other.
3) Towards the end,… Seacrest says theres a twist?!! So far I like the twist in AI.  So I hope I’ll like this one.
4)Alexis Grace voting number is 36 and not 13… so she’ll be in danger of losing votes because  people who are watching via DVR, will not get her correct voting number in their recordings, due to too much pointless commenting time (see #2).

I wont be blogging tonight about each contestant,… coz a lot of blogger will be doing that. I’m mostly sure my sister will!

But the top performance will be Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert! I’m glad that Danny didnt stick to his “my wife spirit will carry me through” vibe,… just like Scott did with his “I’m blind” vibe.  He was pretty darn good singing “PYT”.

And Adam was just at a league of his own with his version of “Black or White”. He wont need AI to be a successful artist.

My boy Matt Giraud took a big gamble going with the falsetto in “Human Nature”, but he held his own, so he will be staying for a while.

The worst beatings given from the judges are to Megan and Anoop. And I suspect this will cause more people to vote for them.

In danger: Very hard to say since there will be 2 people going home. The worst beatings given from the judges are to Megan and Anoop. And I suspect this will cause more people to vote for them.

Me thinks it will be a combination of Jasmine, Kris, Michael and Jorge, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Tonights Top Performer:


5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson on American Idol

  1. and blog I did about Idol! hahaha!

    I’m generally with all those brave Mommies out there and oh nooo.. pls be sure to vote Alexis, America!

    I told U, I’m with Danny all the way yo…

  2. Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam all the way!! Jeremy is rooting for Danny and I loved his MJ performance too! actually cried when AI featured him during the audition but it’s Adam all the way for me! He made me jump up n down the sofa since day one..kind of like dat Tom Cruise interview with Oprah haha 🙂 I thought the line up this year’s one of the best esp with the guys compared to last year’s..pretty tight competition eh..

    btw, how to add background music to my blog? or that playlist thingy?

  3. Yo Vivinca. Ko cuba pigi Box.net, it is actually a virtual hard disk space. But you can upload and keep your mp3 songs, and then follow the instructions to post the playlist thingy into your blog.

    But not sure how to do the background music tho.

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