Transfering Contacts from Nokia E71 to my Javelin Curve 8900

Okay, I have decided to post this up to help my fellow gadget friends who are wondering if they can transfer all your contact on your Nokia E71 to BlackBerry Javelin Curve 8900.

This is a legitimate concern because over time, you will have built a massive contact list, and losing it because you wanted to change your device,… is unacceptable. And manually inputting a list of more than 400 contacts,….is a nightmare.

Here’s how I did it.

You need 3 components: 1) Nokia PC Suite, 2) Microsoft Outlook, 3) Blackberry Desktop Manager

Except for Microsoft Outlook, the installation CD for 1) & 3) came in the box with your device. Have all three programs installed first. Note: My Outlook version is 2003.

Step 1) Synchronize/transfer your Nokia E71 contacts to Microsoft Outlook via PC Suite.

Step 2) Synchronize/transfer your Microsoft Outlook contacts to your Blackberry via BB desktop Manager

THAT’S IT! It took me about 10 minutes to do so, and I did not lose any contact during transfer.

It should also be noted that I used data cable instead of Bluetooth as Bluetooth transfer via BB has always been a problem, and its well documented by RIM.

Now finally, I have the reassurance that I did not lose my contact, and at the same time enjoying my new Javelin Curve 8900.

To BB,…or not to BB? Oh yeah,…. To BB it is!



36 thoughts on “Transfering Contacts from Nokia E71 to my Javelin Curve 8900

  1. khaled says:

    did u face any mapping problem? i did the above and im a facing a mapping problem where some contacts fields are lost!.. any idear what might be the solution?


  2. Kapil says:

    Thanks dude..
    The info was really helpful as I tried the old way of using Switch option in my E71 but did not work with BB..
    Now I can try this and I am sure will be able to transfer all my Contacts…

  3. Homoud says:

    I have the same problem Khalid has. I am using Bold 9700 with Outlook 2007 and in some contacts I lost some details like 2nd mobile number etc. I didn’t veirfy all contacts as I have more then 1400. I think there is a mapping problem between PC Suite and Outlook; especially if too many fileds were used in both.

  4. Ali says:

    Thanks very much for this, i was trying along 2 days to solve this problem (transfert contacts from E71 to BB9700), i appreciate a lot yr post.

    PS: i’m from Senegal in West africa

  5. Hi Ali, im glad i could be of a little help to you. Tx for stopping by.

    p/s: Yay for World Cup!! Any of the matches will be played in Senegal?

  6. Ravinder says:

    Many thanks for your instruction on transferring data from Nokia E71 to Blackberry 8900. It worked and i am feeling less than 10 min i transferred 1700 contacts.

    BTW how to transfer SMS etc.

  7. eri says:

    pak,kok saya tdk bs mentransfer kontak dari ms outlook ke bb dekstop manager . tolong pak,kasih tau saya caranya

    terima kasaih

  8. Nishant says:

    1. Does it transfer the contact fields as-is? I have many contacts with Email IDs, land line number, Company name, designation etc, apart from mobile number. Do all these get transferred?

    2. How to transfer Calendar, Notes and SMS?

    I assume the process will be same for transfer from E71 to 8520?

  9. @Nishant I managed to transfer all contact fields as well. I havent tried transferring Calender, Notes and SMS. I am assuming its the same steps.

  10. @Eri pak Eri pake Bluetooth atau kabel? Very Outlook nya apa? Punya saya Outlook 2003.

    Mungkin saran saya reinstall outlook dulu biar “fresh” ga ada info lain sebelumnya nya, baru di synchronize ama BB desktop manager.

    Semoga sukses.

  11. abir says:

    Hi. I’m kind of new at this and was wondering if you could give me a step by step instruction on how to synch from nokia e71 to blackberry bold 9700 because i tried several times and it’s not working.


  12. Hello Abir, tx for stopping by. I did not try to synchronize with BB 9700, I only tried with 8900 and was successful. I am not sure if the above method works with 9700,… im assuming it is.

    I apologize for not being more of help to you, Im just sharing my experience,… since I did not try it with BB9700, so I cannot claim that it works like the 8900.


  13. gagan says:

    hi i am using n73 and all of my contacts are saved in mi phone memmory…and i have bought bb8900 now i want to transfer all the contacts to outlook…but iam not able to..please guide me with all the steps how to transfer to outlook through n73…

    reply asap !!

  14. @Monica Saran saya, pindah dulu sms di My Folders ke inbox, baru di synchronize. Soalnya kemaren, waktu di synchronize, cuman sms dari inbox yang di transfer.

    Semoga membantu.

  15. @Gagan Firstly install PCSuite to your PC (Right now OviSuite has replaced PCSuite, but it functions the same altogether)

    Next, from PCSuite, synchronize your contacts to Microsoft Outlook. Here all your contacts (from SDCard and Phone memory) will be saved in outlook.

    Third step, launch Blackberry Desktop Manager, and synchronize your BB with Microsoft Outlook.

    I have recently transfered my N97 to BB9700, diffrent handsets, but same procedure. Works out fine all the time.

    Hope the explanation help.

  16. @Abir I have transfered my contacts from my N97 to my new BB9700, it works fine, following the above steps.

    The synchronize function in Desktop Manager needs some searching, but I finally found it.

    Also, OviSuite has replaced PCSuite. But It works just the same.

    Maybe I’ll do a screenshot of how I did the contacts transfer.

  17. brendan says:

    Hi There,

    I have the new BB torch and I need to transfer all my contacts from my E71 to my new BB Torch. My sim is too small to handle all my contacts and they are therefore all saved onto my Nokia memory card / Phone. Could you please tell me how to transfer all contacts, images and sms’s to my new black berry torch.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  18. Hi Deanfam, great to know you,
    I have a problem to move contact (1200) from BB to nokia E63. I have tried but not worked. Can you more detail explain how to move contact from BB (Bold) to outlook (vista), because i cannot find how to save contact to outlook from bb destop manager, i mean no choice to make extension like in Outlook

  19. Deepak says:

    hello i tried all ways to transfer contacts from nokia to blackberry PC SUITE > Outlook > BB & Google Sync too but i lost some fields like mobile 2 mobile 3 and some home n busines phones i think some mapping problem ? how to solve this ?

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