Happy Mothers Day

Yay! Happy Mothers Day!

But somehow, we didn’t know this until we opened up our Facebook account where all the wall post were sending out Mothers Day messages. Tsk tsk tsk,… I didn’t get my wife anything, but as soon as I realised this, I rushed over and gave her a kiss and wished her Happy Mothers Day!

Main reason we were caught unaware about today’s Mothers Day,.. is because Mothers Day’s celebrated on 22 December in Indonesia. I was certain that I already wished my wife that time. And it appears that some countries also celebrated their Mothers Day on a different date than today.

With the lack of exposure to foreign press,  international Mothers Day was hardly mentioned in our media. The only resemblance of a mothers day celebration was Hari Kartini which was celebrated recently.

Anyway, it was a bit of slack on my part. Please forgive me. (I know my gracious wife did…..did you?)

And on this note, here’s a sincere wish to all mothers… Happy Mothers Day!

Mother's Day Graphic #41

Mother’s Day | Forward this picture


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