Mang Engking, Jogja

Last week we went to Jogja again over the weekend for a bit of buisnes and R&R. This trip we found a very interesting new place. Its a seafood restaurant called Mang Engking.

Its a restaurant with surrounded by Koi fish pond giving it an outdoor nature like ambience.


The speciality of the restaurant is the Udang Bakar Madu. I’d give it only a 6 out of 10 coz firstly, the prawns are not fresh,.. and secondly its a bit pricey.


But whats unique about this place is the castle entrance of Mang Engking. My first impression was it looks like the castle in King Arthur movies.


It appears that the front part of mang Engking can be used as a wedding photoshoot for those who wants to have the castle and fairytale theme.

We had a nice family outing then. Another reason to visit Jogja again the next time round. but the one thing that I will remember most, are the Knights at the ‘Castle’ entrance.


Check out the smiley face on the Knights chest armor…hahahahh!

You can see the rest of the photos at our Flicker.


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