N97 vs E72

Finally, N97 was released and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play with it for a bit. With all the hype that it gets, like Nokia’s answer for IPhone and BlackBerry, it was suppose to be THE PHONE!

But somehow I was left dissapointed. Im not going into the full specs coz there are dozens pagges explaining it in detail out in the web. But I’ll say this, N97 should be the phone if it has the ‘juice’ to run it.


You see, the high powered phone runs at such a small memory RAM. Its like running your car on AA batteries. Its not strong fast. It makes you wait a long time just to access your browser and other installed applications. Even my E71 runs faster than the N97. Even with new firmware release, its still slow. One thing’s good is its 5MP camera and the touch screen.

Now, Nokia E72 will be released soon. Basically its an E71 upgrade. 5mp camera and 250Mb Ram (same like N97). Maybe should consider N97 instead??


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