The Adrenaline Rush at FX Jakarta

We went to Jakarta last lebaran for a little R&R when Uncle Deny suggested we try the 7 storey slide called The Adrenaline  Rush at FX Jakarta.

The ride is Rp50000 per person, but it being a friday, we got the 2 for 1 promotion. So Intan decided to give it a go. I wanted to bring Big Sis, but there was a height limit, and she didnt make the cut…. 😦

The Adrenaline RushLeft: View from ground floor.     Right: View from 7th Floor Adrenaline Rush -view from top

Before going down, we were suited up with helmet and pads. And to my surprise, when we have to put our legs into a gunny sack like ‘bag’ with a small handle. My first reaction was “wow! less traction means zoom down fast!!” And it did just that!

Slide entranceLeft: Slide Entrance                        Right: Slide ExitSlide exit

I think I almost peed in my pants on the way down, and I bet if there is a camera that took my facial expression,.. it would be ugly!!

P1050355.                                                                      P1050356

Anyway its fun. Next time you’re in Jakarta, slide your way to FX.  Here’s a look at The Adrenaline Rush facts. Enjoy.



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