Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park

We heard several time about the new adventure tourism spot in Salatiga, called the Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park. From what we hear, Kopeng Treetop has flying fox for children and for adults. Since our last trip at Puri Asri, we are totally looking forward for our next flying fox adventure.

In the midst of a hectic week,  we somehow manage to find a small pocket of spare time, and we went for it. We took the drive, along with Hartanto, Fifi and Ms C, to Salatiga.

Kopeng Treetop Adventure park is situated on a hill, rich with beautiful, mature, pine looking like trees. When we reached the entrance, first thing we noticed was this lady, zooming down on a flying fox, just above our car. That got us really excited.


We made our way eagerly to the to ticket counter. The cost for an adult is Rp.110.000 and Rp.70.000 for children. They do have a family package promo which cost Rp.305.000 (2 Adults + 2 Children). Next, the workers gave and help us wear our gears. Its really cool. It consist of a harness, ropes, carabiner, and pulley. Do we know all of these before? No. But we do get to know it first hand here 🙂

Picture Package

Before the trip, Intan and I did wonder if we have to use gloves here, and it turned out to be just that. It is more secure and easier if you had gloves. They do sell gloves at Rp.5.000 per pair, and a slightly expensive (and cute) for the children at Rp.15.000 per pair.


Now we are off for some adrenaline rush. All we need to do next is to choose which circuit to ‘play’. There are six circuits all together, each differentiated by color and difficulty level.  Colors are Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, and Black. Yellow circuit is for children, very easy, and the Black Circuit the hardest (supposedly). If you are a total beginner, there is a demo circuit for you to fimiliarize with the gears and what you are suppose to do.


Naturally, Big Sis, Lil C and Ms C, go to the Yellow circuit first. The workers there are very helpful. They ensure that each person follow the rules, and also give assurance to those who get ‘stuck’. During our trip here, we do see a few occurance where people became scared and frozen still. It is then that these helpful workers ‘come to the rescue’.

Big Sis, and Ms C did go one step higher which was the Green circuit. Poor Lil C cannot follow, but she did have fun at the Yellow circuit. What about Mommy and Daddy?,… well we go straight  for the Black Circuit.

Actually Black circuit is not hard. Its just long. Each obstacle in Black Circuit was longer than the other cicuits.

Big Sis and Lil C on the Yellow Circuit

It being a weekend, there was a lot of people at Kopeng Treetop. Standard equipment rental time was 3 hours. If there are more people than equipment, then there is a waiting list for the equipment. Those who already played for 3 hours need to return the equipment when we called for. I was halfway through the Black circuit when my name was called.  But I had no chance to just stop and return my equipment because I was like 50 feet above ground on a flying fox.

Mommy, Big Sis, and Ms C trying out the Green Circuit.
Left: Big Sis needed a little help. Right: Mommy on the Black Circuit

I was mentally preparing to pay double charge when I went to the counter. Fortunately I wasn’t charged. I asked why was that, and the kind lady said that there was no such thing as extra charge for extra time. As long as the number of participants is less than the number of equipment, we can play as long as we wanted.


We left just before dark, and stopped by Salatiga town to taste the famous Wedang Jahe (but thats another story). We didnt realise it then, but the next day, we definitely can feel our muscle ache,.. especially our arms.


Anyway, I prepared a short video on our trip to Kopeng Treetop.  Enjoy!

P/s. Check out Kopeng Treetop Youtube advertisment.


18 thoughts on “Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park

  1. wowzerzzz…so exciting! n the kids really enjoy ahhh..ok lah..i must really plan to visit real soon! din know u two -the older ‘kids’- are into these things!

  2. eveline says:

    bagus banget!!
    pengen ngulang..
    sayangnya waktu ke sana ujan deres, n rame soalnya waktu hari natal..
    tapi tetep seru..,,
    pengen lagi!!

  3. can i get the contact number??
    and anyway, do we have to book the place 1st?
    or just go directly there?
    and what time should we get to the treetop?
    thanks!! 🙂

  4. Hi Susan. tx for dropping by. Fyi, no advance booking needed. Just head to Kopeng. If there are more people than equipments (i.e. harness), then you will be given a time limit. But if there are less people, than you can play the whole day!

    Kalau weekend, biasanya rame banget. Weekdays sepi. Kalau mau ke Kopeng, ya jangan terlalu siang lah!

    Kalau no telp di Kopeng, sorry I dont know. Tapi ada no telp kantor nya di Semarang 024-8316800. Hope this helps. 🙂

  5. yes sir. thanks so much for your info..
    i’ve already called the office..but the treetop are closed for 1-4 March. so badddd.. so finally i just went to puri asri..
    i think it will be more challenging in kopeng..
    i watched your video and the advertisement also.. i think it’s so cool.haha..

  6. Retno says:

    amazing,fantastic!!!! thanks so so so much for posting the pics and vids.i`ll definitely take my family there on my next visit to Indonesia.God bless!

  7. Hi Retno, thanks for stopping by. yes, its a great place to bring the kids for some adventure. Cant wait to go there again. I hope you can make it soon. Btw, where are you from?


  8. Hi Nicole, thanks for dropping by. Its at Desa Kopeng, Salatiga, Jawa Tengah.

    Just head to Salatiga, follow the main route to Solo, you will find a main junction with directions, “Straight Solo, Left Kopeng. Then from the traffic light junction, its around 5km in and uphill.

    When in doubt, the locals will help.


  9. erich says:

    nice review about the treetop. i have been there and such a challenging place to play flying fox. anyway, i planned to go there next month, but i have forgot the way or route from yogyakarta. it will be very nice if you can help me.

  10. Hi Erich, tx for dropping by.

    If you are coming from Yogya, it would be easier for you to follow Solo-Semarang route.

    By following this route, you have to go through Salatiga town. Once reach Salatiga , just follow the directions towards Semarang. Don’t enter town center.

    By following the Semarang direction, you will pass by a traffic light junction where it says Kopeng on the left. & Treetop is aroung 5KM inwards & upwards.

    There is another way through Magelang, but I don’t recommend it because it requires going through mountain route. Its beautiful, but for simplicity sake, its better to go through Solo-Semarang route.

    Hope this helps.

  11. erich says:

    hello dean
    thanks for the help
    it is really helpful
    what about the route through magelang? because we have not choose the route yet, so we need a lot of alternative route to be considered.
    where are you from dean?

  12. Hi Erich. The route through Magelang is okay if you want to reach Semarang fast because its closer. But since you are going to Kopeng, its much easier leaving going there by exiting Jogja via Solo-Semarang way.

    Magelang to Kopeng (Treetop) requires going off the main road and through smaller roads with lots of turns. I lost my directions once when I tried that way,… eventually made it to Treetop after a lot of stopping and asking for directions. but the scenery is beautiful.

    So, a more direct and simple way would be via Solo-Semarang route, because its along the main road.

    Im from Malaysia, but residing in Indonesia with my family now.

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