Over the weekend, Lil C has got the gastric. Poor angel has tummy ache for about 2 days. I can see just how painful it is for her. She rolled herself up into a ball just to find some comfort. sniff!

Even after giving her some warm milk, she still complains about the tummy ache. After consulting with our uncle doctor, we gave her a medicine called Polycilene. But somehow, her condition did not improve. And along the way, she has built up a bit of a temperature. Later we decided to bring her to a pead.

Now when we finally get to see the doctor, its amazing only after less than 3 minutes, the doctor concluded that its a “Radang” or an inflamation, and started prescribing the medicine. One for the temparature, and the next one is antibiotics. Its only after Intan asked “how does radang tenggorokan causes gastric?” he began to scribble another medicine,… and to our surprise, its another type of Polysilene.

Sometimes, its scary and disheartening to have doctors who always resort to antibiotics to blanket all problems, instead of going after the root cause of the problem. Given the attitudes of these kind of doctors, its no wonder why Intan always has doubts about them.


6 thoughts on “Antibiotics

  1. poor girl…how is she now? deanz,how do u know its gastric? jeremy oso has it but for the life of me i really cannot tell if i have or not..i seldom have tummy pain but when i do he will say its gastric..but u know me la always eatin..i dun think its gastric la..but i do know overeat n stress oso can trigger..but when i eat a lot oso i dun get tummy pain..only sometimes out of the blue i get the just curious how to find out – to diagnose it esp for lil kids..

    have u found the caused of it?..i did some research for jeremy earlier on and there are many possibilities including the pylori bacteria..i hope she gets well soon..good that intan thought to ask the dr back..most times we just rely n trust them 100% but seem like we better off research n ask ard ourself..

  2. Yo Vanz. For si colleen, we are kind of sure coz the night b4 her incident, she skipped her dinner,.. last time makan at 3pm… so junk food between then lah,… that night kesian dia, sengsara.

    We gave her Polysilene, and it soothes her a bit, then we forced her to have a eat when its time to eat, ie Bfast, lunch, and dinner. After that she’s okay sudah.

    You are right, there are a lot of things that can cause gastric. What causes it in adults can be from gastric reflux to a lot of other things. Not sure how to diagnose.

    But for children, a bit easier, if they curl up in a ball just to find comfort, rest assured its gastric. and the pain is just below their rib cage and above the tummy.

    Hehehe,… sometimes the best diagnostics are moms instinct…:-)

  3. Yuh Bin says:

    I’m surprised the peds gave antibiotics so fast. Now, a lot of peds here do not prescribe them. The new frame of thought is to let the body build up the antibody. Naturally severe cases like infection need them. Unlike our generation. That’s why we adults need antibiotics to get well. Body doesn’t know how to fight. When I had recurring sore throat and tonsil infection, my body immune to the antibiotics. My dosage increased from 150gm to 450gm before I got well. Of course, up to parents. Some parents still want the antibiotics for their kids. So far, my nephew is under the new regime of no antibiotics till absolutely necessary.

  4. Ya lah, so small already got high antibiotics tolerance. Ashley friend parents is a doctor, so everytime sakit, antibiotics. Now, small dosage dont work for her anymore, and she is just 5 years old!!!

    We dont want to give antibiotics to the girls all the time, but sometimes when they cry and cry,…we gave in… 😦

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