Happy Birthday to Facebook

So there was a lot of hoo-ha regarding the unveiling of the new Facebook layout. So with Facebook’s population growing from 200 million people last year alone, to a total of 400 million users now!… theres bound to be grumbles.

Oh by the way, the new layout release coincides with Facebook’s birthday… so Happy Birthday Facebook.

Personally I feel the change a minor. I still can easily access your favorite games and applications, along with those friends who are currently online.  Also, the news feed is now changed and divided into “top news” and “most recent” posts from your friends. This will help filter up the noise on your Facebook page.

Well I’m glad they didnt take away the Notification. Instead, the Notification is converted to a drop-down menu with your most recent notifications. I like this. I dont have to leave my current page to see my notification.

As you can conclude, I am one of the happier camper. What about you? Do you like the new Facebook layout?


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