Google Working On Voice-to-Voice Translation

Just read this news from Saybah, that Google is making big news about the world of telephony.  According to Saybah, Big G  is working to develop the first software for mobile phones that offer a translation service instantly, in which just speak for the program simultaneously translated into the language you want, both during a conversation with someone at the other end of the phone is to listen your voice translated.

I like Saybah’s look on how it is applied in a local context. 🙂

Google Android Phone - LG
I like Googles online translation service, and if it’s available in a phone,… I WANT IT! .

It appears that Google has its own branded phone, with this translation function attached.  According to them, it will be a viable possibility within a couple of years.

Im gonna do some reading on that, and maybe will share it here later. Does anybody know anything about Google own Android phone yet?



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