Recover deleted file from your digital camera SD Card

It was suppose to be one of my happiest and proudest day as a father when Big Sis graduated from kindie. All preparations was prepared well in advance, from her performance, to costumes,.. just for the big day.

Being a momentous occasion for Big Sis, of course I want to celebrate the occasion by taking pictures and immortalizing the moment with every means we have. We had digicam, videocam, phone camera, plus reserve battery all packed for the special day.

Ah it was beautiful and memorable, and we caught it all on camera. We were happy!!!

But it was only at when we came home that we realize that theres not many footage on our digicam. Its all GONE! we were devastated. After trying to recollect and remember what happened, it only dawned on me, that I had let Big Sis and Lil C handle the digicam for a while.  AAAAHHHHHHRRRGGGGHH!!

I went to camera shop and asked if there is anyway I can recover it,.. but their reaction was all gloomy,…. head shaking,….., saying its impossible.

Somehow I know it must be possible coz its all data. And I have the memory card in my hand,… so I enlisted the help of the almighty Google. And Lo and Behold,…. there is a way!!!

After reading through the instructions, I finally got back my list data on my SD Card. Here’s how I did it. Go to and type in Pandora in the search field. It will show you the all results. Find Pandora Recovery.

Install it, and then follow the instructions. I managed to get back all my data. HALELUYAH!

One thing that is crucial about Pandora Recovery is this. When you realized that you deleted your SD Card, STOP! Do not use it to take another picture. Its sounds technical, but bottom line is it will be harder for you to recover your data if you use your deleted SD Card to take a new picture.

Thats it. Here are some of the pics I recovered.


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