Kampung Jawa Sekatul

Last thursday, Big Sis school, Daniel Creative School, had an outing to Kampung Jawa Sekatul.  Kampung Jawa Sekatul Agro tourism site with a Javanese theme ambience. Its located on hillside of Mount Ungaran, Margosari Village.

The school students went there with a bus. And since Lil C has been asking to go on a bus ride for a long time, mommy let her come along.

But upon reaching Sekatul, Lil C was ‘bus sick’…:-( probably because this is her first bus ride.

After the initial briefing, and circle time, the children are off with their activities. Straw hat painting is among one of them.




They also had a go at fishing at the pond and also walk through the wet, muddy paddy fields. This is actually good with this, they know the process of where our rice came from. But unfortunately, Big Sis puked a bit because of the strong muddy smell.

Now, the fun really starts. They get a chance to bath a real river buffalo. The animal is huge!. The children really had a blast bathing and then riding the buffalo.

Every student got a their turn to ride the buffalo. On the left, the teachers are having fun!!




They really had a great time. When they came back, Lil Sis straight away asked to go there again,… must be the buffalos eh!! 🙂


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