Surviving Snowie

The girls got a new pet rabbit, courtesy of Daniel Creative School Bazaar. It’s white with black eyes and ears (kinda like Panda), but we don’t know if it’s a buck or a doe.

Although I protested on having more pets in the house, this little bunny just caught our family’s attention. Maybe it’s new, or maybe it has super hypnotic bunny power. Whatever it is, it has become the family’s new main attraction.

We haven’t got a cage for Snowie yet, so we put her in a temporary box, and went out for dinner.

When we came back, Snowie was missing. We looked for her frantically, and found her submerged in a bucket of liquid dishwasher, with only her nose and mouth sticking out, gasping frantically for air.

It was a case of emergency, so we quickly got Snowie out, wash away the dishwasher liquid, and dried it gently with a hairdryer. We the left alone her in her box, curled up in a ball, after realising we did all that we could at that moment.

I was afraid for the worst. Big Sis and Lil C said a little prayer for Snowie and went to bed.

The first thing next morning, the girls checked on Snowie, and they quickly woke me up, saying it’s ok. Snowie survived!!

Somehow this curious bunny jumped out of the box, explored the house and manage to jump into that bucket.

After last nights ordeal, I learnd a few interesting character from the girls and mommy…. Heeheehee, but that story is for another blog post.

Here is Big Sis with the Bunny Who Survived The Dishwasher Soap.


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