Lil C Traditional Dance

A lot of Lil C’s friends wanted to see this video, so here it is. Taken during Cambridge School Semarang graduation ceremony 2011. Enjoy!


Daniel Creative School Bazaar

Last december, Big Sis school had a year end bazaar event, held in their school. This bazaar was organized by the teachers of Daniel Creative School and also their students. They also tend to their booth/counter/corner after weeks of preparations, and I must say that its very well organized. Attendance was small at first, but as soon as its hits 9 am, heavy people traffic (ie parents) are coming in by the droves.

Check out some of the counters:

Nail arts counter                                                                    Design & Technology counter

Games Counter                                                                      Futsal Corner

Pet Corner                                                                               Computer game room

Now the interesting part of this bazaar was the “monetary” currency used. they did not use any real money, but instead they had their own monetary denomination called the Danz. This kind of concept is almost similar to Kidzania in Jakarta.

Now, the students get to “earn” the Danz by accumulating points throughout the year. Which means, if you behaved well in class, do homeworks, respect class rules, and also have good school attendance,…. you will get a lot of extra points. At the end of the year, the points are converted to Danz.

Now for sure, not all children are the same, some may not have as many points to convert. So, in order to get more Danz, they get to “Work” for it. Now check out these flyers or jobs available, with their pay as well. (Very cute and nicely done)




On that day itself, parents are allowed to buy the Danz, but is limited to 15 Danz for students. Now this award system or concept will teach the students the importance money value. It also encourages the students to do well in school throughout the year. Now I did saw some parents and grandparents, trying to Buy the Danz for their children. But fortunately, the teacher in charge strict and will not cave in to the pressure of the parents.

Mommy was running the Design and Technology booth, where as Big Sis worked at computer lab. I know I’m biased but i have to say that Big Sis did well in school, hence she got a lot of Danzs. But it appears she’s not really into shopping, so she gave all her Danz to Lil C. Now LilC is the one that spent all the Danz… Lol!

It was really exciting to see all the character that emerges during this bazaar. Some students will work ghard to make a “sale”, some would just run away from their responsibility.

Good Job students and teachers. You all did a very good job.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Last month big sis had a school exhibition at Paragon Mall. As in all exhibitions, a lot of the sponsors promote their products at the same time.

One of them is the Sultan Agung Eye Clinic, and they organized a “Mata Sehat, Mata Indah” competition. And the they chose random children that was present at the competition.

So Lil C was pick out coz she was there to see Big sis perform.

The rules are simple: 1) Take a picture, 2) Eye check by the doctors, & 3) place the colored ball at correponding colored bin.

But ultimately it all goes down to the child with the most beautiful eyes.

And Lil C got 2nd place… Yay!

A case of laziness??

It’s raining now, and customers are slow coming in, which then allows me to check back this blog.

Wow, it has been almost a year since I posted anything new. The last time this happened my sis called up and told me to “Update lah ko”.

So many things have happened in the last year, mommy has become a sought after speaker, Big sis goes to P2, Lil C won a competition, lost my blackberry, Smallville has ended, Steve Jobs passed on, and Luis Suarez signs for Liverpool. 😀

Okay, still no excuse for not updating. Time to kickstart again.

Okay, here’s a latest pic of the girls.

Kampung Jawa Sekatul

Last thursday, Big Sis school, Daniel Creative School, had an outing to Kampung Jawa Sekatul.  Kampung Jawa Sekatul Agro tourism site with a Javanese theme ambience. Its located on hillside of Mount Ungaran, Margosari Village.

The school students went there with a bus. And since Lil C has been asking to go on a bus ride for a long time, mommy let her come along.

But upon reaching Sekatul, Lil C was ‘bus sick’…:-( probably because this is her first bus ride.

After the initial briefing, and circle time, the children are off with their activities. Straw hat painting is among one of them.




They also had a go at fishing at the pond and also walk through the wet, muddy paddy fields. This is actually good with this, they know the process of where our rice came from. But unfortunately, Big Sis puked a bit because of the strong muddy smell.

Now, the fun really starts. They get a chance to bath a real river buffalo. The animal is huge!. The children really had a blast bathing and then riding the buffalo.

Every student got a their turn to ride the buffalo. On the left, the teachers are having fun!!




They really had a great time. When they came back, Lil Sis straight away asked to go there again,… must be the buffalos eh!! 🙂

Pantai Bandengan

Its almost towards the end of our lebaran holidays, so we decided to spend it at Bandengan beach, Jepara.

The beach tourist are higher than usual, all trying to make full use of the holidays. I can see kayaks, banana boat, and inflatable boat being rented out and used. I wanna jump in, but seeing that I have gained a lot of ‘spare tire’ during the holidays, I didn’t swim. That didn’t stop d girls tho. I’ll just enjoy my ice cold coconut and some rujak buah.

As I write this post, there’s a police sea patrol blaring on his megaphone to advise people to get out of the waters coz the tide is rising and its getting dark.
I wonder how they will react if there’s a shark in the beach!!!! Lol!

Happy Birthday Big Sis

Big Sis had her birthday today. Just so happen we are at Jakarta at that time, (getting ready for Denny’s engagement,…. but thats for another post) so we celebrated at Baskin Robbins.

We keep asking her, “Are you happy to turn 6 years old?” ….. but she insisted that she is seven (huh)!!!??

We Love You Big Sis,….from Daddy, Mommy, and Lil C!