Camping at Kopeng Treetop, Salatiga

We went for a little bit of day trip camping R&R in Kopeng Treetop, Salatiga.

The outward bound flying fox facility here is unfortunately closed, for some land dispute reason.

Anyway, we kind of went in the premises ‘without permission’, but there was no one to stop our entry. Infact, there are some local villagers walking in and out of the area.

And the place is still as beautiful and peaceful as ever.

We set up our tent, had an afternoon rest, while the girls do a bit of homework.

And this is what the girls did during their ‘break’


Memories to be cherished

It has been more than a year since I’ve updates this blog. I can think of many excuses, but I’m not going to make it. I just need to own up that I was lacking motivation to blog.

A lot happened in between the last post and this. Lots of ups, and lots of downs.

But I realized, as I was looking through saved pics and videos, that those are the moments that we need to cherish. What better way to cherish it is by documenting it.

I looked into an picture album in my facebook page, I literally see my daughters grow in front of my eyes. it’s amazing, with a little hint of worry that they would just grow up too fast, and I missed it.

Therefore it will be my personal mission from this day onward, as long as I have a sound mind and a healthy body, I will document as best as I can. I have started by uploading video’s on Youtube, its a good start.

With this blog given a new facelift, do look forward to frequent updates on this blog.

They say “It isn’t until you begin to fight in your own cause that you become really committed to winning”. Therefore my ‘fight’ will be recharged with these pictures.

IMG_6903 IMG_6926 IMG_6979

These pictures are taken in Kudat, at the Tip of Borneo, during our recent trip back to Sabah for holidays.

And here’s another special pic,… the girls with their great grand mother.




Christmas 2013

Another year has almost passed. Time really flies. Big Sis is going to be 8 next year, and Lil C will be 6.

Was browsing thru some old pics just now to look for christmas 2012 pictures… And one significant difference is how the girls have changed. They certainly have grown, and Intan has also grown in beauty with age.

Speaking of pics, here’s our latest: